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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the application?

It allows you to create custom alerts on one or more markets simultaneously. Define your own trigger rules from a large number of indicators. Our application constantly analyzes the market and sends you an automatic message by e-mail or SMS when the conditions are met.

 Can we delete or modify already created notifications?

Yes, the application offers several tools allowing you to customize your alerts at will. The application counts emails and SMS only when they are delivered.

 I can't find my favorite indicator, how can I do?

For all our offers, we will add many new indicators thereafter, contact us now so that we pass in priority the indicator that you want.

 I would like to Trade on a market not proposed by the application, the list will it evolve?

We will also increase the markets in the near future, do not hesitate to contact us so that we add the market that you want.

 Why don't you propose an analysis of the actions?

We are currently studying this possibility internally, this should happen later.

 Why do I have to validate my Email or my phone number in the app settings?

We want to ensure the reception of the alerts, for that we prefer you ask for a validation beforehand.

 Why have you put a pause option on creating notifications?

This allows you to configure an alert without being activated. This option is very useful when you want to associate several indicators on a single alert. Once the break is removed, your alert becomes active and we analyze the market.

 How to combine several indicators on the same alert?

You must create an indicator alert. Then the associate option allows to cumulate the indicators on the same market. Our system will then send you a notification only if all the indicators are good.

 Is it possible to analyze several markets at the same time via a single alert?

The 'Analyze all markets' option allows you to do this action.

 Once the notification received, I would like to keep the settings of my active alert, how to do?

You can use the recreate alert option. We will duplicate your alert as soon as you receive the notification. This will remain effective as long as the option is active and you have credit.

 Is it possible to cumulate the analysis of several markets with the recreation of alerts via several indicators?

Yes, all the options we offer are cumulative. It is therefore possible to automate many elements

 Why put a credit system on Mails and SMS?

To ensure that Mails or SMS notifications are received correctly, we use several different servers and providers. The costs make it possible to support this infrastructure.

 Your market analysis charts do not offer a lot of information and options. I have a software with more elements, will you improve this point?

We want to provide a complementary solution to your Trading habits. The added value of NotifyTrade is an automatic alert system. For a manual analysis with more complete graphical tools, we will add that in a second time.

 What is the API?

This is a programming interface. This serves to act with our application with many commands without directly using our Web platform. The API will therefore be suitable for software engineer wanting more automation.

 I wish an improvement on the application, I have a specific need, I discovered a default. How to give you this information?

We are listening to all your requests, feel free to use our contact form, we will answer quickly.


You can use our API for manage your account and options.

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