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Oil prices drop due to fear of coronavirus

Oil prices plummeted on Monday in European stock markets after the acceleration of the new coronavirus outbreak.

"The spread of the epidemic in Italy and South Korea is putting oil prices under pressure," an analyst at German bank Commerzbank said.

At 11:35, a barrel of North Sea Brent for April delivery was worth $56.09 in the United Kingdom, down 4.12% from Friday's close.
The Italian stock market began Monday's trading down 4.24% and the Seoul Stock Exchange fell 3.87% at the close of its main indicator, as the price of Brent Oil fell more than 2%.

In Spain, the Ibex 35 began the session with a drop of 2.52%, which led the selective to total to 9,637.40 at 9:01 am.

At the same time, the price of the intermediate barrel of Texas (WTI), a reference in the United States, considerably reduced its margin above the $50 barrier. Monday's declines of more than 3.93% deflate their price to the $51 mark.

More Trading Basics

Here is the continuation of our last article on the basics of Trading. We hope that this supplement will teach you more.

What tools do you use to decide whether to place a buy or sell transaction?

In order to make buy or sell decisions, most merchants use either technical or fundamental analysis and sometimes a combination of both.

Technical analysis is the study of price charts and Trading indicators. There are many different types of charts and Trading indicators available to Traders. NotifyTrade has a large number of indicators designed to help identify market trends and turning points.

Fundamental analysis is the study of economic data or company news to identify trends and turning points. It is not necessary to have done economic studies, many companies use a variety of media to monitor the market. There are indeed many blogs and many Forum. You can also create alerts on different keywords (Google Alert in particular) or simply our NotifyTrade application which will allow you to be alerted in real time about changes on the stock market. And don't forget to follow the economic calendar!

What risk management tools would you use to exit your business at a loss or profit?

Opening a Trading account and placing a buy or sell transaction is not difficult. In fact, anyone can do it. However, making investments that are profitable requires some training and skills.

There are many Traders who rely on their emotions. Unfortunately, this can have serious consequences and lead to sharp financial downturns.

It is therefore necessary to be well surrounded and to force yourself to put your emotions aside. It is important to have a work-life balance in order to thrive in this area.

Trading Basics

Trading the financial markets has never been as accessible as it is today. With just an Internet connection and a laptop, you can easily do it.

However, with so many choices (over 3,000 tradable markets) where to start and what to do first can be daunting and overwhelming. That's why it's important to learn how to trade the market in a structured way. Step-by-step trading training gives you a much better chance of trading with confidence, focus and success, for the rest of your career.

Whether you're trading for retirement, a secondary source of income, or for the interest and curiosity of the global financial markets, our goal is to provide you with the best trading tips.

How to trade?

Before you start learning how to trade the market, it is important to have the right trading system in place from the start. Indeed, it is useless to follow a number of trading courses, only to find out that you don't have the right trading tools to implement your ideas and strategy...

Our goal is to introduce you to this environment!

The broker

If you want to buy gold or Apple shares for example, you need to find someone who owns what you want and is willing to sell it to you. That's what your broker does for you. Through their platform, they will put you in contact with other buyers and sellers. Currencies, shares, futures are all examples of possible exchanges for your product transactions.

Note also that you can also find the term Broker to designate the broker.

Thanks to an extremely fast and innovative technology, you will be able to buy and sell on the world's financial markets in a matter of seconds using market orders placed with your broker. Your broker's platform is where you deposit your capital, make sure it offers the strictest possible regulation so that you know your capital is safe.

What markets do you focus on?

This step involves identifying the best markets. Here are some examples of markets:
Stock market index
European Equities
UK Equities
US Equities
Equities and ETFs

It is difficult to learn to trade in all markets at the same time. Create a plan to start learning and trading in only one or two markets. When you begin to feel more confident about what you are doing, think about trading the other markets.

Want to learn more about trading? Wait for our next article!

Market information

We have updated the Trade section to provide some additional information on market analysis. This allows you to better understand our system and will help you create your alerts.


We have added a new section Trade. You can now analyze all markets of the week, the day and the last hour for more than one hundred markets: Forex, Index, Cryptocurrency and materials.

It is now possible to create an alert with a simple button on the graph. We still have many other ideas to improve our system, these will arrive in a few days.

Alerts and notifications

Our market analysis system is now available! Creating alerts for your favorite market has never been easier:
- login into your account,
- choose one market or more to analyze,
- configure many indicators (above or below a value, a percentage, a particular RSI, etc.),
- select notification's type (SMS, e-mail or both).

And never miss a great trading opportunity again.

We also offer an option to analyze all available markets via a single alert. Note also that several indicators can also be merge, you will then receive the notification only if all the indicators are OK. There are many possible combinations.

Subsequently, we will add new indicators as well as new sections: graphic market, statistics, offer, etc.


We have just opened the site and will soon be offering a powerful alerts and notifications service to automatically track your favorite markets.

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